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Super Happy Fun Time 23 Super Happy Fun Time 23

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think my original review for this movie was deleted. Then I watched it again and it still makes me laugh. This is probably the best of the SHFTs or at least or a close runner up.

I wonder what I said that got my original review deleted? I have some really bad reviews and it's funny that this would be one of the ones that got canned.

O well. I guess I'll go off now and watch that awesome hip super cool to the ultra max cartoon Quack pack.

I feel like quacking so i think i will

Quack quack

quakc quack packkkdfjdklgfh sgh ;kv

Sigh all the options are dead ends ... :(

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Super Happy Fun Time 30 Super Happy Fun Time 30

Rated 5 / 5 stars

YESSSSSS The BIG 3 0 !!!

[3:10:08 PM] Insulin: HOW do i kit him
[3:10:19 PM] SherClockHolmes: arrow keys
[3:10:26 PM] Insulin: hahhahah
[3:11:02 PM] Insulin: Seriously HAHHAAAaa
[3:11:25 PM] Insulin: youd think i would ge t tired of this
[3:11:50 PM] SherClockHolmes: best game ever
[3:11:52 PM] Insulin: But he jsut said I HAVE DIABETUS all of a sudden and it had me craking up
[3:12:00 PM] Insulin: and moving him too
[3:12:06 PM] Insulin: but i cant hit
[3:13:42 PM] Insulin: how do i hit him =(
[3:13:47 PM] SherClockHolmes: there is no hit
[3:13:50 PM] SherClockHolmes: thats ittttttttt
[3:14:02 PM] Insulin: You clever FIEND
[3:14:16 PM] SherClockHolmes: trolling like a champ

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Noodle Salad Noodle Salad

Rated 5 / 5 stars



This is the best Clock day ever!!1111

Thank you for shining your light onto the portal to the unworthy your magesty!

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