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This is a sad story. ;'(

I can't imagine a dying wish being that messed up and female ghostbusters belong in the kitchen!

Sigh, I blame Bill Murray for all of this he's the one who suggested it. This is what happens when someone doesn't get sarcasm. He probably wouldn't visit that kid anyway. Thanks for making this.

Psychopath responds:

You're welcome.

Chris the stick makes another movie. Ummm. Insulinpump is a diabetic and a vampire now? That's just really sad. Now he has to make sure not to drain the blood from sugar junkies. :'(

chris-the-stick responds:

well, he has a serious problem in this one!
but, with carefull picking, and nicely done blood draining, he will become the best insulin-vampire in no-time!

again, thanks for your review.

If you want to know the numbers check SherClockHolmes account. As for me I'm going to think of this as 34 1/2. And uhh I'll try to be positive this is a lot better then you previous flash. You actually are getting better and you actually tried to animate stuff. Before you couldn't get color in the movie. wow some of these reviews are really great. Why is Newgrounds so classy when I'm not around?

chris-the-stick responds:

WOW, thanks, man!
i really wanted to do a good job here, and i sure tried.
did you like the moment when insulin turned to insulinus prime?
or the dialogue? i think the dialogue was fun.

also yes, the reviews are great, and i appreciate them, all!
maybe theya re classy because i talk about a classy friend (you).
thanks alot, again, man!

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I think my original review for this movie was deleted. Then I watched it again and it still makes me laugh. This is probably the best of the SHFTs or at least or a close runner up.

I wonder what I said that got my original review deleted? I have some really bad reviews and it's funny that this would be one of the ones that got canned.

O well. I guess I'll go off now and watch that awesome hip super cool to the ultra max cartoon Quack pack.

I feel like quacking so i think i will

Quack quack

quakc quack packkkdfjdklgfh sgh ;kv

Sigh all the options are dead ends ... :(

YESSSSSS The BIG 3 0 !!!

[3:10:08 PM] Insulin: HOW do i kit him
[3:10:19 PM] SherClockHolmes: arrow keys
[3:10:26 PM] Insulin: hahhahah
[3:11:02 PM] Insulin: Seriously HAHHAAAaa
[3:11:25 PM] Insulin: youd think i would ge t tired of this
[3:11:50 PM] SherClockHolmes: best game ever
[3:11:52 PM] Insulin: But he jsut said I HAVE DIABETUS all of a sudden and it had me craking up
[3:12:00 PM] Insulin: and moving him too
[3:12:06 PM] Insulin: but i cant hit
[3:13:42 PM] Insulin: how do i hit him =(
[3:13:47 PM] SherClockHolmes: there is no hit
[3:13:50 PM] SherClockHolmes: thats ittttttttt
[3:14:02 PM] Insulin: You clever FIEND
[3:14:16 PM] SherClockHolmes: trolling like a champ



This is the best Clock day ever!!1111

Thank you for shining your light onto the portal to the unworthy your magesty!

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tick tock tick tock tick tock. I love it and I am using it in new movie when I submit. I only wish I could have animated a flash that was as good as this song! Thanks for the submission!


"My Girlfriend?" Pube Muppet is gay my good man. Sorry. Do it again with "My boy friends dildo." and it will make sense. Until then I'm shoving this audio up my ass. Ermm.


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